Communication in second language teaching and learning

Basically it will illustrate how language learning would be effective and successful through communication and interaction (student-student, and teacher-student) interaction. This communication in the second language classroom can be implemented by applying task-based activities, negotiation of meanings and role play and other types of activities that enhances communication and result in language acquisition.
I want a simple summary/annotation, in an easy simple language, what I like and did not like about this book chapter/article. It will demonstrate in a page or 2 for each article or book what would classroom communication and such type of activities and framework in the language classroom implement. For example, on an article for Hall(2004), he had his study on how different kinds of interaction will lead to successful language acquisition. Advantages and disadvantages regarding the use of the communicative approach of teaching can also be mentioned. Another important point is teaching of grammar and where can interaction bring this task in the language classroom.
I will upload the articles and book chapters that I need them to be annotated.

From the book Teachers Handbook, for Shrum and Glisan (2010) I need chapters (4,6,7,8, and 9) half a page for each chapter which counts to almost 3 pages for this book. I will upload the chapters as well as the articles that I need them to be annotated.
There might be another book I will upload them tonight.