Communication introduction to Media Production

Please explain your answers clearly; spelling and grammar must be at the university level.
Question 1 (15 points):
Explain the relationship between shots and scenes when filming a video production. Use examples. To further clarify, give visual examples of the following types of shots as discussed in class:
a? Establishing shot
a? Wide shot
a? Medium shot
a? Medium close-up
a? Close-up
a? Extreme close-up
a? Over-the-shoulder shot
a? 2-shot
a? Point-of-view shot
Question 2 (20 points):
Imagine you have been given a budget that would allow you to produce whatever type of video you would like. What type of movie would you like to film? Where could you get your ideas? Describe what you would do in each stage of the process: preproduction, production, and postproduction. Focus specifically on each of the guidelines I gave you for your Media Production Project, but describe them as if you had a big budget to finance your project. For clarification, include a discussion of two scenes from your imagined movie: what role would plans you made in preproduction (such as location, set design, etc.) play? What elements of production (shots, etc.) would shape your vision of your movie? How would you use elements of postproduction (music, special effects, editing, etc.) to give your scenes a particular mood or tone?
For Question 1, you are required to present visual representations to explain types of shots. You can do this by capturing screen images of movies on your computer or other portable device. If youare unsure of how to do this, please use the following link as a guide: