Communication studies television analysis: sex and the city critical analysis

Purpose: this assignment is your first opportunity to perform critical analysis using GENRE ANALYSIS method on a text of your choice. (SEX AND THE CITY) you can use any episode you like or a specific scene just as long as you cite the text!

content: this paper is your own original critique of a television series, serial program, episode, story, arc, or scene. You should take care to explain your rationale for what you have chose (in terms size) as a  text for analysis. Be sure to include this rationale in your paper.
You do not need to explain the method as a whole (assume the audience knows as much about your method as you do), but you do need to include some explanation as to why your chosen method is appropriate for your thesis and/or research question. Some methods will suit a text better than others.
When creating your research question ask yourself  what do I want to discover about how this text works? your question should address the four basic elements of the communication process: sender (rhetor), message (text), medium (rhetorical situation) and receiver (audience). Make sure your question is not too broad of too narrow and make sure your question has a focus that moves beyond the artifact alone. In other words, instead of asking,  how did law and order svu deal with Mariska byHargitay s pregnancy? ask  what strategies are employed by television programs to deal with unexpected events in the lives of their performers, and what can we learn by using L&O as an example?
Your discussion of the text should cover the elements relevant to your thesis not all of the elements you find in the text. Your paper should reflect the results of your research. Your discussion of the context should be scholarly in nature. Your discussion of approach may include info from your textbooks.
Your paper should include 6 major components: 1. Introduction including a brief discussion of your research question and presentation of your thesis, 2. Description of the text and its context, 3. Description of your method and definition of key concepts, why you chose this method 4. Discussion of analysis (this section should constitute the bulk of your paper), complete with evidence and examples, 5. Conclusion, including the answer to your research question and some comment about your contribution to the big picture 6. References.

A paper in the  A range is superior. The author responds to the assignment convincingly and thoroughly with original ideas. The author demonstrates a sophisticated understanding of the text and the theory/method. The thesis is well developed and clear. The author uses evidence from multiple sources effectively ane persuasively and support is meaningful. The paper is organized clearly with excellent transitions and a smooth flow from start to finish. The paper is very well written.