Communications strategy that is targeted at the UK market

Assessment Details:
For this report you may choose either one of the following companies/organisations:
1) Thomas Pink or
2) MasterCard or
3) The London 02 Arena or
4) Audi

Using one of the above organisations as the focus of your report, you are to write a report analysing their current communications strategy that is targeted at the UK market. Your report should be well researched and use marketing theory to assist your analysis. You should conclude your report with your opinion on the efficacy of the campaign using marketing theory to provide your rationale.

Marking criteria:
You will be marked on your ability to analyse rather just describe and marks will be awarded for application of theory and deducted when information is not sourced properly.
The report needs to be written in a business style and include a word count font size 12 is recommended
You may wish to provide diagrams, photographs or illustrations to aid your description. You are advised not to cut and paste (or copy) large sections of text from research sources, whether from text books, the internet or other material which is not your own. This is plagiarism and you will be penalised for doing this. Continueda¦

Your work will be marked in accordance with the college marking criteria which can be found on the Student Intranet. index.php?_id2411

a? Learning outcomes
a? To demonstrate the ability to carry out thorough current research on an organisation.
a? Analysis and application of marketing theories and principles to an actual organisation.
a? To produce a professionally written and presented marketing communications report.
a? To demonstrate the studentas ability to produce rationalised analysis and to make recommendations based on evidence researched.