Community arts project about empire state building

This project is for community based arts. And the topic is about Empire State Building. Writer is a two girl who visited Empire State Building first time, and communicate with buildingi??s staff to understand building. At the beginning, essay need to explain why we choose Empire State Building, what strategies will you employ? Why? The main ideas are including 4 points. First is the history of this building. Second is this buildingi??s function (whati??s the special, why this building was famous and became New York Cityi??s symbol, cost, why and what the building change itself to adapt development, etc.). Third, what kind of people will visit this building? What kind of feeling those people will have? There are so many symbol building in the world, what and why the building is special for visitors? Forth, many famous people visited building, take some example. How were communities engaged? Who are the audience/collaborators?
Please do not write like an introduction for the building.
And I need a summary and a final report. For the final report, it include #1) what was successful, and why? #2) what was unsuccessful, and why? #3) what would you change? #4) what would you keep the same? #5) how do you imagine this project impacting your work or projects in the future? #6) Point to any reading so far that informed your project. #7) Anything else you would like to share about your project.