Community health nurse by implementing and evaluating a 6-week public health program:Depression in the Elderly

Required Components of Your Project Paper/Public Health Competencies
a ¦State why you chose your intervention (include a brief community needs assessment).
a ¦Give a history of your topic.
a ¦Report any pertinent statistics on the community/ national level.
a ¦Discuss your development plan.
a ¦Describe the implementation process, in detail (add any cost of implementation).
a ¦Examine the evaluation plan that you used for your project.
a ¦Analyze the results of your intervention, add any attachments of evaluation tools or questionnaires that you used.
a ¦Address any cultural/ ethical issues that occurred.
a ¦Discuss any barriers that you noted and how you overcame those barriers.
a ¦Include the nursing process and the three levels of care (primary, secondary and tertiary) and how the role of the nurse integrated into the overall project.
a ¦Recommend additional improvements to the plan