Community nurse assigned to the Bright family

The Bright family has been referred to the community nursing team for assessment, guidance and
Bruce (44) and Susan (41) have been married for 21years, live in a large provincial Queensland city,
both worked fulltime until six weeks ago when Bruce was retrenched. They have three children,
Shane (20), Caitlin (17) and Mitchell (11). Shane is in the Navy and stationed in Jervis Bay, Caitlin is
working part time at a local minimarket and Mitchell attends the local primary school.
Mitchell has always been a good student but recently his grades have dropped and he has been playing
truant from school. He has been in several fights after school and has become quite withdrawn at
home. The school has expressed concern about his attendance record.
While Susan s family live interstate and are in good health, Bruce s parents separated many years ago
and his mother Maureen moved away but has always maintained contact. Bruce is worried about his
father, Royce (73) who lives two streets away and who is not eating well and not maintaining his
house. Royce has become very forgetful, has had several minor accidents around the house and last
week had a fire in the living room when he left an electric heater on.
Assignment task
As the community nurse assigned to the Bright family discuss the assessment of and support of this
family. Identify the needs of the Bright family and the strategies that could be implemented to supportthis family. Identify and discuss which support services a community nurse could recommend to the family and the rationale for the choice of services. Use Primary Health Care Principles (PHC) tosupport the discussion of the family s needs and the decisions made.
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