Community resources for at-risk groups relating to childbearing

write a paper investigating the needs of an at-risk group and the community options available to them. At least one of the references must be from an online or print scholarly article. Other references may include internet sites, books, journals, magazines, or interviews. they should be no more than ten years old. Cover the following: 1-identify an at-risk group that relates to childbearing. (women over 40 having their first baby.) 2-explain why the group is at risk. (could be physical, psychological, spiritual…) 3-describe the needs of this group from the community. what type of community resources might help them? 4 note any community resources you have found, either in person, by phone, etc. that are available for this group. what are the resources? who pays for them? how can people in the group access these resources? in your opinion, how helpful are they? 5 describe one community resource that you would provide for the at-risk group if you had sufficient time and money. what would your resource do for your group? why would it be helpful? 6-conclude the paper with an analysis of what you have personally learned from this project. does it make you feel positive about the resources that are out there? does it inspire you to do more yourself?