Compair man vs. nature from the birthmark by nathaniel hawthorne and to build a fire by jack london

i would like u to write about the birthmark from nathaniel hawthorne and to build a fire from jack london. my topic would be man vs. nature because in the birthmark the main character trys to form perfection and thinks he is perfect enough to make it. in to build a fire the main person thinks hes perfect(strong) enough and dont need the fire in both storys man was not perfect or stronger then nature. i need an essay that compairs the both storys
the brithmark
to build a fire
but the focus is the topic man vs. nature

maybe u can let it look like this
-what do the man have in common (characteristic)
what want both man do what is vs. nature?
-why do they fail?
-comarison of the end of both stories
what is the lesson

if u have any questions please let me know the essay is due on wednesday 3pm.

yours faithfully,