Companies (Mission,Vision,stakeholders and ethical policies) analysis.

Strategic management course project
Outline report 1
To analyze the:
What desire future state do the company show through its vision?
Is it meant to stretch the company by articulating some ambitious, but attainable future state that will help to motive the employees at all levels and drive strategies.
Do the company mission answers these questions What is our business?, What will it be? And what should it be?
Is it customers-oriented or product-oriented.
Who are the company main stakeholders?
-Internal/External stakeholders.
How these stakeholders concerns and interest effecting the company strategic planning decisions.
What claims do they have toward the company? And which should be highly considered? Do the company consider them or not?
Ethical policies
What ethical policies the company has?
How they do deal with ethics in the company?
-Hiring and promoting: hiring and promoting employees whose ethical principles are in line with the companys ethics.
-Organizational Culture: explicitly articulates ethical values and places a strong emphasis on ethical behavior.
-Organizational Leadership: leaders give life and meaning to these words by acting upon them.
-Ethical Officers: responsible for making sure employees are trained to be ethically aware and that ethical considerations enter the business decision-making process.
-Strong Corporate Governance: which do decrease the chances of unethical behavior in business.

For both companies:
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*As well as sub details for each sub can be add on or miss if not available.