Company analysis paper analysis (economics)

Hi. Though this essay you have to look at the uploaded attachments, the directions then the questions.

Each paper should be between 1/2 to 1 page long ((((single spaced)))) and should contain:

1) An introduction that explains the real life example.

2) A brief description of the economic concept that relates to the real life example.

3) And finally your thoughts about the example.


paper 4:
Read the handout on the case study about the Price Discrimination strategies implemented by Sams
Club, CVS and others. Explain briefly how this is an improvement over the generic use of coupons as a
means to price discriminate. Are Sams Club, CVS and others moving towards Direct rather than Indirect
price discrimination? Explain briefly.

paper 5:
Comment briefly on the AT&T versus Verizon Case and its similarity with the Prisoners Dilemma type

This is a Ph.D. essay and please be advised that much efforts and attention must be paid to such a work.