Company issue/problem paper (business ethics)

Company Issue/Problem Paper
1. The goal of the Company Issue/Problem Paper is to apply what you have learned in the Business Ethics course and to prepare your paper in a practical, clear, logical format. Your paper examining how your company (the company must be either incorporated in the United States or actively doing business in the United States) addressed and resolved a recent (during the past twenty years) ethical/social issue/problem in depth should include a brief summary of the facts (approximately one page), statement of the issue/problem (one paragraph), an analysis of both sides of the issue/problem (approximately one page) and a description of how your company resolved the issue/problem (approximately one page). Please refer to the companyas code of ethics in your paper. You may also include your opinion on the actions taken by your company on this matter. You must cite all original sources. All sources must from official approved websites or well-known websites.

2.To satisfy the writing requirement component of this course, you must prepare a paper no longer than three pages (absolute maximum), typed double spaced in 12-point font, with one-inch margins. The paper must be proofread for grammar, spelling, punctuation and capitalization. The paper must be submitted to me in hard copy by the due date; no late papers or emailed papers will be reviewed or graded a there are no exceptions.

3. Company name: MERCK (a pharmaceutical company)

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