Comparative analysis between slaughterhouse-five and french lieutenants woman

Assignment Objectives
a? Summarize (briefly) the texts in question, recognizing their structures, main arguments, and forms and uses of evidence
a? Form a central claim that puts the texts in conversation, sustaining and developing that claim throughout the paper
a? Select and highlight the aspects of each text, including evidence, that are most relevant to the central claim
a? Trace and develop an organizational structure that sustains the central claim and supports a conversation between both texts
a? Use evidence to support all claims throughout the paper, including the central claim, in the form of quotes and paraphrases
a? Properly cite all evidence
a? Practice drafting, revising and editing skills

The French Lieutenantas Woman, John Fowles
Slaughterhouse-Five, Kurt Vonnegut

As in the Critical Response essay, the Comparative Analysis essay requires you to create a stable ground of summary from which to make a claim about the relationship between the two texts. What could you say about this comparison that other people might not have noticed? Remember that your goal here is to enhance, deepen, or complicate our understanding and experience of both texts. It will NOT be enough to say a?Text A and B are similar and different in many ways, so we can understand them both better by reading them both.a? The problem with this claim is that it is not specific enough. Rather than list all the similarities and differences, you should focus on a limited number of areas for comparison, explaining to your readers how, precisely, these observations affect our understanding of the texts, or of something else related to the texts.