Comparative analysis from the online retail company Rakutento another four companies

This are the instructions for the whole project: Project Part B Valuation of a company

The goal of this part of the project is to calculate and justify: (1) an intrinsic (fundamental) value for the company of your choice and (2) the fundamental price/share of equity in the firm.

1. Develop your narrative for your company (how you see your company evolving over time, given what you know about it, its market and the competition) 1 page max.
2. Complete a valuation using dividend growth model, thoroughly document any assumptions or values that you use.
3. Prepare a list of a?comparablea? companies (4 or 5) using criteria that you think are appropriate
4. Evaluate your company against the comparable firms using two multiples that you have chosen for your valuation.

As you can read there are four parts for this project. However, I only need part number three. Which is getting four companies and compare them to the one main company. The main company that I chose was Rakuten, which is an online retailer. And the four companies that i want to compare to it are Amazon, Ebay, Apple, and Barnes & Noble. I need very important financial information about all these four companies and compare them to Rakuten. I need info like balance sheets, their values in assets, investments, strategies, price/share of equity, how much the companies are worth, estimates of growth based on financial information and sales, basic info about the company like the headquarters like the CEOs COOs etc, the most important things that I can find about all these companies ant tell me how much each each company is valuated and and compare them to Rakuten.