Comparative Analysis of Dells and HPs products and services from the Perspective of the Firm and Customer.

Title: A Comparative Analysis of Dell and HPs products and services from the Perspective of the Firm and Customer.

The structure should be as follows:

a? Executive Summary
a? Introduction, explain the context of each of the releveant case-studies and why they have been selected.
a? Case-study 1
a? Case-study 2-
a? Compare and contrast the two case studies (more may be appropraite depending on the sector & context). This should Incorporate a critical analysis of the perspectives of both the firm and consumer.
a? Conclusions/Recommendations
a? Appendices, to include any appropriate calculations, background data etc.

The report will be assessed on the basis of:

a? depth and relevance of research
a? synthesis and evaluation of data
a? application and understanding of appropriate concepts
a? critical appraisal and analysis of TQM issues
a? a clear, professional and well-presented report
a? referencing

The course title is Total Quality Management so please include as many TQM concepts into the coursework as possible. There is a lot of information available online relating to these concepts. (e.g. kaizen tools and techniques, Just-in-time approach, Scientific Management, etc)

I can send you files related to these concepts from my lecture notes if you would like. Please provide an email address or other method for me to send you attachments.

The marks will be based on:
Outstanding appreciation and critical review of full range of TQM concepts, techniques and tools.
Fluent presentation of relevant information and issues, and an ability to analyse TQM issues at a high level.
Reflection and evaluation in the text/presentation expressed with a skill and discrimination that enriches and extends understanding of TQM showing evidence of originality.