Comparative analysis of internet banking in UK and Thailand


This works is for my dissertation. Currently, Im a student in MBA Finance course, I have chosen to work on the internet banking area. Id like to compare the internet banking service between UK and Thailand. Ive attached my outline proposal (my supervisor has already agreed with it) and the dissertation guideline provided by my uni (plz read it first and follow it strictly).

Try to use the most recent journal for references as much as you can.

Before you start writing, can you please provide me an outline for the whole paper, like table of content, so I can see what you are going to write about and how you structure it. I really need this as my supervisor want to see it asap and he might suggest me to change something.

Ive also uploaded a past journal paper to you as it is quite similar to my topic. you can use it as a guideline.

Ant question, plz contact me.