Comparative Analysis of the Theological Terminology of Justification by Faith by John Piper and N.T. Wright

These 4 pages request are related to my order number 883270 concerned to the above topic which the writer ID 22793 has being working on it. This is a thesis proposal project and at this level my professor already has approved the a) Statement of the problem, b) Statement of purpose, c) Scope/delimitation (minor corrections), d) methodology. Concerning Background of the problem and conceptual frameworkthere is a major corrections to be made as follows:

a) Background of the Problem: Since the problem is concerning the a?implications of their theological views on Christian faitha? there will be a need to redo the background of the problem as following:

a? Implications: Atonement, God, Jesus, soteriology, anthropology, ecclesiology and eschatology.
a? Subheadings on background of the problem such as: 1) Distinction between Piperas terminology and Wrightas terminology; 2) The concept/viewpoint of Piperas terminology and 3) The concept/viewpoint of Wrightas terminology.

b) Connceptual Framework: There is a need to redo it and it seems to be that the writer already had figured out the expectations of my professor concerning to it as demonstrated in the file that she sent to me related to it. I will send more instructions to the writer as a file and again I want to express my appreciation for the great job and academic support that she has given to me.

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