Comparative analysis of three different health systems

Prepare an article as if for publication which is a comparative analysis of three different health systems.

In your article you should address the following:

Describe the design and functioning of each of the systems. (10 marks.)
Critically analyse and explain why they are different. (15 marks.)
Comparatively evaluate the effectiveness of each of three systems utilising an analytical framework such as the efficiency, effectiveness and equity or similar. (15 marks.)
Describe and evaluate proposals for reform in each of the systems. (10 marks.)

This assignment is to be presented as if you are submitting a manuscript for publication (editorial, commentary or debate). Your article will be considered for presentation, line of argument and referencing (10 marks).

You may follow the guidelines for authors as set out in one of the following journals:

The Australian Health Review


The AsiaPacific Journal of Health Management
au (follow the links on the left hand side of the home page)

Australia and New Zealand Health Policy

Please Note
1This assignment should be use an acceptable academic referencing system where necessary and not old more than 8 years ( 2008 2015).
2Copy & paste not acceptable.
3References must be scientifically documented.
4Please read all questions carefully and you should cover all questions requirements.
5I have add 2 example assignments for last year with marking sheet
6Make sure for High Please.
7Please find my file attachment.

Please feel free to ask me if you have any question.
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