Comparative analysis of two articles These need to be faxed to you.

MLA format 12double spaced

Comparative Analysis of the two articles
In Defense of vojuntary Euthanasia Page 109-111 Read, Reason, Write
Euthanasia A Critique Page 112-117 Read, Reason, Write

This needs to include
Analysis of writers styles
Analysis of writers argument
Use Toulminss Terms in analysis
Use Attributive tags
Focus the majorety of the paper on a few significant differences between the two articles.

Following the conclusion of the paper, include a bibliographic citation for the tow articles being critiqued.

Here is the format to use:
Singer, Peter A., and mark Siegler. Euthanasia A Critique. Read, Reason, Write: An Argument Text and Reader. 7th ed. Dorothy U. seyler. Boston: MacGrawHill, 2205. 112-113