Comparative Analysis on the Act of Reading in America Culture

A Comparative Analysis on the Act of Reading in American Culture

For the last few weeks of this course, weave been studying and discussing reading in American
Culture. The way in which we read and the time we spend reading has drastically changed in the last
twenty years. So for this writing assignment, I would like you to explore this change by writing a
comparative analysis in which you discuss the a?deatha? of reading in our culture. This comparative
analysis writing assignment requires that you use two essays.

Choose one article from these two in your textbook:

1. Ursula K. Le Guin: a?Staying Awake: Notes on the Alleged Decline of Readinga?
2. Mitchell Stephens: a?The Death of Readinga? And one article from online:
1. Andrew Solomon: a?The Closing of the American Booka?
2. Andrew Ofstad: a?Americaas Decline in Literary Reading: Grappling with Technologyas
Effects on the Print Culture of Literaturea?

Y As you write consider the following:
Y Do agree with the argument that reading is declining?
Y Do you think the way we read is changing?
Y Do you think advances in technology have caused a decline in reading?
Y As you compose your text, be sure to use support from the two essays you select to support and
expand your own thoughts.

A Few Specifics:
Y 3-4 pages
Y You are only allowed to use two essays in this comparative analysis and you must select one of
the essays from your textbook (either Le Guin or Stephens) and one essay must come from online
(either Solomon or Ofstad).
Y List the two essays you select on a separate reference page cited in APA format
Y Use in-text citations for any selections you use from any sources used; whether you paraphrase,
summarize or directly quote them.
Y Use APA documentation style and page formatting for all pages
Y 12 pt. Academic font
Y 1a? margins, typed, double-spaced