Comparative analysis.(see order instructions please)

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Required Reading:
The Myth of the model family”
A family tree, freedom from want, and freedom from fear”
What we really miss about the 1950s”
Proposition 8: the California marriage protection act”
Prop 8 hurt my family–ask me how?”
My big fat straight wedding”

Your Task:
in a 4-5pages essay, write a comparative analysis discussing the tone, the sentiments, and/or the relationship between the six texts focusing on the historical, social,and political construction of the medias preception and thoughts of what is deemed an idea family in the USA.

1.write an introduction that fulfills most of the 5common functions of the introduction. Be sure you clearly state the similarities and differences in the four essays while exploring the tonality of how it resonates with you.
2.make sure the similarity you are focusing on demonstrates a connective tissue in the all 6 texts, as you discuss the construction of marriage and family.
3.Throughout the body of your essay, use details,examples,and quotes taken from the 6 texts to show a connection and a theme relating all writings.
4.this is not a personal essay so you should not reflect on your personal experiences w/ literacy in the body of the essay. however, you may want to use your personal experience in the introduction or conclusion.

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