Comparative essay of Mrs dallowayby virginia woolf and the Great gatsbyby scott fitzgerald

Abraham Lincoln noted that freedom is a different thing to the lamb than it is to the fox (no need to mention him or this quotation in your essay). Freedom gets defined differently by different people in different generations, and the aim of these various
-this essay is a comparative essay of the two novels mrs dalloway and the great gatsby. it shouldnt be a difficult essay for an english major considering the books take place roughly at the same time in post ww1.

freedoms often find different focus. In Mrs. Dalloway, and The Great Gatsby, many characters pursue their own particular understanding of freedom. What does freedom mean to characters in these novels? What determines the outcome of their pursuit of it? You can consider minor as well as main characters.

*i would suggest comparing the two main characters of each of novels gatsby and dallowaythanks alot.