Comparative evaluation of two different theoretical approaches used in international realtions (Realism & Liberalism)

The sun has seen civilizations rise and fall, great empires rule and be ruled. In the current days the human civilisation is rising however, with issues of power, supremacy and the need to survive leading to the existence of international relations between actors such as states or individuals according to J.Sands, IR tutor, Leeds International Study Centre. (Lecture notes, 10/04/2014). A basic problem with the International relations is that there is no clear answer to what is happening or where to start meaning that there is so much clues and factors to look at and which is important or not. To understand the international politics people use different theories to simplify a case (Baylis. 2014). In this essay a comparative evaluation will be made between two theories of international relations which are the realism theory and the liberalism theory. First,a definition of Realism theory and its strengths and weaknesses will be compared and evaluated with another International relations theorys strengths and weaknesses which is the Liberalism theory.

In this paragraph the Realism theory will be defined plus its new strands, some of its thinkers will be mentioned and critiques of realism.

That is what I wrote so far. and as you can see how its structured in the introduction, If you can build up on that It would be great. the books I am suposed to use are (Introduction_to_International_Relations_review_copy.pdf) and the other one is (the globalization of world politics 6th ed. by J.Baylis)
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