Comparative Literature Review on: The advantages and disadvantages of the immigration policy of the United Arab Emirates for her local economy

Need literature review asap preferably on venezuela(see below,however only found old paper on immigration)

As this is part of a larger paper i would ask to please Guidetowards my hypothesis.
See outline below:


Thesis of paper( hypothesis) that push factors make immigrant leave country in long run and GDP drops dramatically as soon as natural resources decreases.

Dubaiissues already now as depended on Abu Dhabi investment in it. Thus, eventually long term fiscal problems.

B) Literature review:
Comparative literature to review vs theoretical approaches to background


1) Why Immigrate? (Introduction to main part)
” Unavailability of cheap labour in the host country
” Unavailability of skilled labour in the host country.

Both benefit the economic development of nations.

2) Pros/Cons of Immigration Policies( main arguments)

” Integration into society:
Immigrants may face difficulty to form social networks in a country. Other barriers (Language, etc.) may cause finding a job difficult. Countries often try to eliminate immigrants that do not join the work force, as they do not benefit the economy. In the U.A.E., automatic deportation.
GDP  polulation growth linear ? EXPERNATIONAL-CURVE

” Other countries, possibility of becoming a permanent resident and have benefits similar to other nationals. Is it wrong to deport? Even after 30 years of serving an economy? Also why is it good to deport? While it may be beneficial to a country to deport unskilled labor
(Debatable: Rights of Persons(Human Rights), Minority group (expatriate commmunity)).

” What happens when entrepreneurs are unable to settle in a country?
(Discuss: Easily replaceable, etc.)
Short term, if these entrepreneurs see an opportunity in the host country, they will settle there, but long-term, they will leave. If countries, like the UAE, offer a permanent residency solution to entrepreneurs, such that they can integrate in the  local society, etc, they will be more motivated to invest in a country, even long term. Thus, it will benefit the long term growth of a country.

Possible sources: (literature review)

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