Comparative political systems constitution writing assignment

All we have to do is answer the exact same questions that we answered for chile but this time the professor has given us an outline for an imaginary country that he made up and gave us info on it, we then need to answer the questions depending on the info he gave us, we may choose any system and any answer but we would need to explain the reason we chose it. For each topic heading we have to answer the questions in about 120 words just like before. The questions are:
System of Government :
-Which system is best for the state (unitary, federal or confederal)?
-Should certain regions have autonomy and how should it be defined?
-What powers are shared and divided among governments in the state?
I thnk that the country should be unitary as that s what I told the teacher I had
Regime Type:
-Should the state be parliamentary, presidential or semi-presidential?
-If the state is parliamentary, how is the cabinet formed?
-If the state is parliamentary, is there a figure head leader, and if so, what is their role?
-If the state is presidential, are there term limits?
-If the state is presidential, what types of powers does the president wield?
-If the state is semi-presidential, what is the division of power?
Legislative Branch:
-Should the legislature bicameral or unicameral?
-If the legislature is bicameral, how are powers divided between the two houses?
-What is the power relationship with the executive?
Elections and Electoral System:
-Should the constitution discuss the electoral system, and if so, what system should be adopted?
-Should legislative seats provided for specific groups?
-How often should elections be held for various offices?
Rights and Freedoms:
-Should there be any group-based rights?
-Which types of groups should be protected in the constitution?
-Should specific linguistic, religious and ethnic-based rights be guaranteed by the state?
-Should economic rights be guaranteed by the state?
And the description that was given to us is as follows:
Name : Kerblakistan
Population: 27.2 million (July 2007 census)
Ethnic groups: 62% Kerblaks, 30% Molvanians, 7% Slobovians and 1% other
Population growth: .3% per year
Life Expectancy: 61 years old (average female/male)
Literacy (age 15 and above): 60%
Capital: Cravben (5.9 million)
Other Major Cities: Kurkent (1.2 million) and Donkut (1 million)
Size: Approximately 33,700 square kilometers
Labor force: Over 35% of the labor force is engaged in agriculture and 20% of the labor force is involved in the industrial sector
Economics: Agriculture provides 40% of GNP
Can u please answer the first 2 topic questions ( which are systems of governments and regime type) within the next 2 days as Its already past due date, however for the rest of them we can take our time with it.