Comparative psychology-the language learning ability of a specific animal (chimpanzee possibly)

first things first I want to make it clear that even though im placing the order for 5 days i might be able to get a day or two extra until the due date, but I will discuss that further with whomever I am assigned. Basically its a research paper for comparative psychology. 8-12 pages long in totality. We were assigned an original article that we had to use to see which direction to go with our paper. My paper needs to be about an animals language learning ability. I prefer monkeys just because its an easy species. I already have about 3 1/2 pages written but im not sure how well written or focused they are to the topic. So I could forward those and after revision they could also be used towards the final page count. I also have a peer review of the 3 1/2 pages which can help expand and add onto the paper. I have a few guideline documents and my 3 1/2 pages that I would like to forward. Also, we need a total of 5 references, but the professor has provided us with 3 already. It would be great to get in touch with the writer I will be assigned so I could share all this information directly. Thank You.