Comparative Study in to Islamic Finance & Traditional Finance

1000 word rational 6 references
Objectives of the study
General aim of this dissertation is to examine the critical review of Islamic finance, for instance: How Islamic finance works, how to use the principle of Islamic finance, how it has evolved over the years and bring an empirical calculations of whether Islamic finance is more affordable or profitable than the traditional one.

The specific objectives of the study are:
To compare Islamic and conventional financing with each other and what they have in common or similarity and what is the differences between them.
To evaluate the impact of Islamic finance in the United Kingdom financial markets.
To evaluate literature relating to Islamic finance
To clarify whether the purpose of Islamic financing is to make a profit or it is a charitable and a non-profit making finance system.

2250 word literature review 12 references

1500 word research methedology 10 references

Comparative Study in to Islamic Finance & Traditional Finance

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1.4 Research Questions
The research presented in this dissertation focuses on the following research questions:

What is the difference in implementation of prohibitions on usury in Islamic finance and traditional finance based on Christian thinking?
What characterises Islamic finance? Do practical implementations of Islamic finance uphold obligations presented in the Quran and can these deal with complexities of the real financial world?
How has Islamic finance progressed in legal systems not based on Islamic law, the Shariah, such as in the European Union and the United Kingdom?
What does the future hold for Islamic finance?

.5 Research Aim
The research presented in this dissertation compares critically Islamic finance with traditional finance to decide about the practical utilitarian value of Islamic finance, its adherence to the tenets of Islam, its capacity for dealing with complexity in the real world and its future in societies and legal systems not based on the Shariah.

1.6 Research Objectives
The following research objectives present a focused emphasis for the research presented in this dissertation:
To present a comparison of Islamic and conventional finance that focuses on the similarities and differences between the two systems.
To evaluate and to examine literature related to Islamic finance with a view to benefit from ideas and understanding.
To examine how Islamic finance affects financial markets in the United Kingdom.
To examine and to decide whether Islamic finance leans towards profits or a charitable and non-profit financial system.