Comparative Study of Accounting and the Environmental Factors Influencing Accounting in Australia and Sweden

You are required to discuss and compare the accounting systems and practices of the chosen countries (Australia and Sweden) in terms of professionalism vs. statutory control, uniformity vs. flexibility, conservatism vs. optimism, secrecy vs. transparency, and long-term vs. short-term focus. Then identify for each country the key environmental factors and analyze how those factors have shaped and influenced the accounting systems and practices in the countries.


The title of your assignment is: A Comparative Study of Accounting and the Environmental Factors Influencing Accounting in Australia and Sweden

assignment should contain, among other things, a cover page title of the assignment,approximate number of words of the main body, table of content, synopsis, the main body, list of references, appendix (if any).

The synopsis is a one-page (maximum), single-spaced version of the assignment preceding the main body.

The main body of the assignment should be between 1,700 and 2,000 words in length. In other words, the word limit does not apply to synopsis, list of references and appendix (if any).

The main body should be organised into sections (sub-sections) and each section (sub-section) should have a heading (sub-heading).

The main body should be double-spaced with sufficient margins. Citation and referencing formats should conform to the guidelines both in the body and the reference list.

You should use at least 10 references to support your work. Suitable references include books, journal articles and internet sources (but excluding Doupnik, T. and Perera, H., International Accounting (4th edition)”).


Concepts/theories & ideas have been identified & explained or interpreted. Depth & width of reading and research (including empirical evidence, if available).Key concepts & ideas are identified. Explanations or interpretations of them demonstrate sophisticated understanding. Demonstrate serious engagement with challenging material from an extensive variety of sources.

Analysis & Synthesis:
Synopsis: summative and informative.
Main body: Integration of theory (ideas), evidence (data) & conclusion, where appropriate. Coherence of discussion and analysis. Use of diagrams, charts & other illustrations, if available.Synopsis is an excellent summary of assignment.
Discussion in the main body offers in-depth analysis that is excellently articulated and coherent. Exceptional & creative integration of theory/ideas & evidence to produce a highly convincing argument. Diagrams, charts & other illustrations are professionally presented & insightful deductions from them are expertly
interwoven into the text to support analyses.

Writing and Presentation:
Prose style and sentence structure.
Paragraphing & layout.
Grammar & spelling.Excellent writing style and perfect sentence structure. Excellent paragraphing and layout. No spelling &/or grammatical mistake. All renders an exceptionally smooth reading.
Selection and Referencing of Sources:
Selection of relevant and important source materials. Sources of information & data are referenced according to accepted academic convention.
Most relevant and important sources are selected. All sources used are referenced according to accepted academic convention