Comparative study of Human Resource Practices and Job satisfaction in Public health care organisations in United kingdom and Pakistan.

Dear writer, I need editing of my dissertation which are all together 17 pages.Here i am writing you my supervisor comments chapetr wise and you need to do the editing as acoordingly to my supervisor comments.
CHAPTER 01. supervisor comments

I d condense (reduce) the introduction. Here you need to introduce the organisation (who it is, what it does, state what areas / departments / people (sample) you are focussing on), discuss the topic you are going to cover, identify the aims (this is done), identify the objectives (-not done; how are you going to carry out the  aims ). Put the background of the organisation in an appendix, and reference it (i.e. see Appendix 1). The first chapter should be 3 to 4 pages i. e Introduction, about organisation, aims and objectives and for each aims you have correspondence objectives.

CHAPTER 02.supervisor comments.

For the literature review, you need to focus the literature on your topic. Areas that I would expect to see here are possible communication, culture, power, roles, procedures etc. These will all have an impact on  job satisfaction. You may want to look around  job enlargement and  job enrichment .

Once you ve identified the literature, you need to compare and contrast it  don t take the authors views as perfect & what have other authors said? Do they agree or disagree with the view? Why / why not?

Bear in mind that the literature you here will be used again in other sections later to justify / back up comments you make.To start the literature review in chronological order i.e from old date first.

CHAPTER 03 supervisor comments.
Supervisor comments. Chapter should be specific. With each question you need to write 1 or two lines.

Supervisor comments;
For this chapter you need to write each of the question you asked and whats are the responses? Instead of table you need to write the analysis in statement style for example
70 % of PIMS staff suggest--
strongly agree S.disagree

Supervisor comments; you need discuss all the your findings and what research is telling you?

So the above are my supervisor comments and you need to do the editing accordingly and i have also red marks my supervisor comments in the uploaded file.