Comparative study of IVF (in vetro fertilization)

Report 1 Assignment: Memo on Topic Choice and Review of Sources
The Technical Writing Situation:
Now that you have chosen a research topic for your course project, I would like you to describe it more thoroughly to me in a brief memo that also includes an annotated bibliography of your preliminary sources for the project. Your memo should identify your project topic and reader and explain the reasons for the study, the readers requirements for the solution, your chosen Options for comparison, and your evaluative Criteria. The aim of this assignment is to prepare you to explain your project to your reader in the second report, the Project Proposal (Due: Sunday, Feb. 19).
Please prepare a memo (2-3 typed pages) in which you describe your research project using the information you provided on your Topic Choice Form [Topic, Purpose, Reader, Readers Minimum Requirements, Options for Comparison, and Evaluative Criteria. Explain each of these aspects in one to three short paragraphs; you may present your Options and Criteria with a bulleted list for each. Be sure that each list is preceded by a lead-in sentence that identifies what is in the list. The final page of your Memo should be an annotated bibliography of six (or more) sources you have found for your project. These sources should provide information on one or more of your Options and/or Criteria for the study.
An annotated bibliography provides a brief description of the contents of the source and your reasons for using it, plus its bibliographic citation. In choosing technical sources, it is very important to evaluate your choices for credibility ( accuracy, currency, and authority). In your annotations, you should indicate the degree of bias present in the source, for example, in manufacturer or commercial websites that sell one product brand. Bias does not necessarily make these sources unusable, but you must be aware that it can lessen the sources authority and objectivity.
I have linked this assignment to a short guide for writing annotated bibliographies and a Report 1 Checklist which shows you the suggested structure and contents requirements of the assignment. You can find the MLA bibliographic forms for bibliographies in Appendix B in your textbook, Documenting Your Sources(pp 665-682). The web link Ive posted for the BC Library (LMC) on the MLA Bibliographic Forms is also helpful.
Please direct your memo to me, Sydney Dietrich. Write the memo in a professional manner, as if it is a required communication at your place of work. Use a memo heading that includes a To, From, Date, and Subject line. You may use a memo heading template as long as the four essential parts of the memo heading are included. For guidelines about memo writing, read Chap. 14 of TC, Writing Letters, Memos, and E-mails (pp.377-79). Use standard technical writing spacing conventions: single-space between lines; double-space between paragraphs; triple-space before and after headings.
Please Note: The heading in a memo eliminates the need for an introductory paragraph in the document, and a memo does not always require a Conclusion. In most technical documents, there is no reason to repeat or summarize information that has already been stated earlier in the document. You may simply begin the body of your memo with a statement something like this: The topic for my research project this quarter is a comparative study of non-invasive treatments for stage one ovarian cancer.
Memo Due: Wednesday, Feb. 8 [by midnight as an attachment to the course Assignment Drop Box]
* You may use theExtra-Day Optionfor this report which gives you an additional 24 hours to submit your work without a grade reduction. Due Date: Thurs. Feb. 9 by midnight.
Please submit your Report in MS Word format (either .doc or .docx is okay) so that I may add comments to your paper, if necessary.

Report 1 CHECKLIST: Memo & Review of Sources
Memo Heading
i?? Memo or Memorandum should appear somewhere in the heading [you may use a template for a memo heading from Word or other programs]
i?? To: your readers name [Sydney Dietrich]
i?? From: your name, both first and last
i?? Date: due date of the assignment (Feb. 8, 2012)
i?? Subject: Topic Choice and Review of Sources for Research Study
Body of Memo
i?? The problem (topic) under investigation is explained clearly and specifically.
i?? The readers reasons for wanting the study and context of the problem are discussed
i?? The reasons (purpose) for the research project are explained specifically.
i?? The readeras requirements (minimum specifications) are explained
i?? The possible solutions (Options) being studied are explained and presented in a bulleted list.
i?? The comparative aspects (Evaluative Criteria) being studied are discussed presented in a bulleted list

Annotated Bibliography
i?? Center major heading on page, Annotated Bibliography
i??i Sources (minimum 6 sources) listed alphabetically by authoras last name (or title, or company/ institution that a?publisheda? it).
i?? Sources beginning with A,An,or Theare alphabetized by the second word in the title.
i?? Sources beginning with numerals (such as 2009, 2010, 100 Ways, etc.) are alphabetized by their word equivalent (Two-thousand, One-hundred)
i?? Each source listed in correct bibliographic form, using 2009 MLA documentation (pp. 665-682).
i?? 2009 MLA rules require that for each source you must indicate its type (web, print, etc.) in the citation
i?? 2009 MLA rules omit URLs in citations for web sites.
i?? Each citation followed by a short paragraph description of the source (includes which Options and/or Criteria the source covers)