Comparative study of School District Governance

I MUST HAVE A Ph.D LEVEL RESEARCH STUDY THAT IS 10 pages, THIS INVESTIGATION EXAMINES THE DIFFRENCES AND SIMILARITIES OF governance of specifically the Education Committee in NYC COMMUNITY BOARD 8, located in BROOKLYN, NY to CEI-PEA CFN (Children First Network) 534 Network Support Structure.. The study must use pseudonyms for the sites and persons..
The findings suggest the wide variance in governance, organization, structure, historical perspective, demographics, and the execution that exist between the CB 8 and CEI-PEA as a network support.
Key words: Governance, New York City, community Board, State education Law, article 52, section 2590, public officers law, Article 7, Open Meetings Law, ,Community school district, district manager for general Community Board meeting, chair and Co-chair as heads of the Education Committee, Parent engagement,advocate, Students, political involvement, systems leadership, Seating layout ( I have the sociograms at the General CB 8 Meetings, people sit auditorium style and at the principals conferences, the tables are In a circle in a upscaled restaurant that provides breakfast and lunch.

Include definition of governance and what John Carver in both his books has to say about the roles and resonsibiities of board members. Also in the references the historical background about Comm Bds and about Comm Bd 8, and about CEIPEA. I will send to you, via your customer support, the references and some information to be used in this study. We will refer to CB8 as Community Bd A and CEI-PEA CFN 534 Network support structure as Network B.