Comparative study on the Saudi Arabian Leading Insurance Company in 2010 and 2011, in terms of the Cost of Capital.

Please with reference the attached Thesis Proposal which I got from your side, kindly note that I have revised it to be a comparitive study between TAWUNIYA in 2010 and 2011, interms of the Cost of Capital. Therefore, the Final Thesis has to be prepared accordingly.

However to insure proper writing the Thesis, please the following points have to be taken into account while writing:

-The Comparative Study has to be done between TAWUNIYA (the leading Insurance Company in KSA) in 2010 and 2011, as you may obtain the Financial Statement belongs to both years and see the diffirence in the Cost of Capital based on the stratigic disisions made by TAWUNIYA;

-the Thesis must be wrote in a minimum of 50 Pages consisting of 4 essincial chapters as follows:

1-Introduction: (minimum 6 Pages):
-back ground
-Research or study problem
-study objectives
-research questions
-Importance of the study
-Research Plan

2Literature review: (around 10 pages):
-Literature Review has to be based on the Interview or the discussion via weblink with the Financial Manager of TAWUNIYA.
-all the questionnaires must be presented to my supervisor, so I will need a copy of it please.

3Methodology (minimum of 10 Pages):
has to be very profissional and clear to the reader as Ill discuss it in deap with the Supervisor.

4the rest of the Thesis Units which should be as follows:
the result and discussion of the data analysis; and
Conclusion & Recommendation.

it is better the sources to be from the Internet as much as possible.