Compare 3 different music eras. medieval to romanticism to present day

What I would like is a comparison of three different musical eras. The medieval, romanticism and present day. I would like you to describe how the music has changed through out each of these eras. Describe how music was influenced by the different art styles of that era and vice versa. Also describe how religion influenced the music of each era.

The instructions for the paper are below. This instructor is very picky about font type and size. There is a 4 reference minimum and only one can be from a web site. I paid for 6 pages because the instructor wants a work cited page and it does not count towards the 5 page minimum. If you have any question or want me to get more in-depth let me know.

A final term paper will be presented at the time of the final exam. The paper may be on any subject covered within the class or a teacher pre-approved musical subject that was not covered in class but the student finds interesting. Papers should be a minimum of 5 pages (double spaced) in APA style with a minimum of 4 references. More information about the paper will be given within the first week of the course.


1. You may write on any MUSICAL subject that you find interesting. However, if it has not been covered in the course you need to run it by me first. Just send me an e-mail with the topic you are interested in. I would make sure that there are enough documents available for my topic to fill the reference requirement for the paper.

2. The paper should use a maximum of 12.0 font in Times New Roman  NO EXCEPTIONS!

3. The paper should have a minimum of 4 references as well as a works cited page. (The works cited page does not count as one of the 5 required pages) NOTE: ONLY 1 REFERENCE MAY BE A WEB SITE! Academic Primer site is not considered a web site.

4. All research within your paper, as well as your works cited page should be done in APA style. If you need assistance with your research paper writing you may refer to the Troy University Writing Center by clicking here. If you need assistance with your APA documentation the Troy Writing Center provides a handout, you may access this handout by clicking here.

5. You do not need to have a title page on this paper.

6. Please direct any questions to the Ask the Professor Discussion Board or through e-mail.

7. This assignment is due Sunday, December 16 by 11:55 PM EDT. The assignment must be submitted through the Digital Dropbox.

thank you