Compare a modern (post mechanistic) management accounting technique with a traditional technique which has the same (or similar) objectives.

a? Discuss the objectives, strengths and weaknesses of each technique, with reference to appropriate research evidence (use Harvard referencing) and your own analysis.
a? Relate the techniques to their place in the development of management accounting.


a? Useful journals to consult include:

Management Accounting Research
Journal of Management Accounting Research
The International Journal of Accounting
Accounting Auditing and Accountability Journal
Accounting Review
The Journal of Accounting Research
Accounting and Business Research


a? Traditional techniques include (but are not limited to):

Cost-plus Pricing
Volume-based Overhead Absorption
Budget setting
Breakeven Analysis
Flexible Budgets
Marginal Costing
Standard Costing
Transfer pricing
Variance Analysis

a? Post-mechanistic techniques include (but are not limited to):

Target Costing
Activity Based Costing
Balanced Scorecard
Activity Based Budgeting
Activity Based Cost Management
Customer Profitability Analysis
Distribution Channel Profitability Analysis
Lifecycle Costing
Non-Financial Performance Measures
Quality Cost Analysis
Resource Consumption Accounting
Risk analysis