Compare a specific text in Matthews/Benjamin with something in Deuteronomy

In your research you should consult a minimum of 5 sources (not including course textbooks–yes, the Bible is considered a course textbook so it does not count as one of your minimum sources–not even other translations). All sources must be listed on a separate bibliography page and attached to the back of your paper. Although required, the bibliography page does NOT count as one of your 5 minimum pages. You can use whatever style you would like for your bibliography but you need to include author, title, date and publishing company). Also, your paper must include footnotes, endnotes or parentheses (your choice) which give the author, title, page number, etc. for ANY information you are using from a source. If you use internet sources for your paper you should use only QUALITY ACADEMIC resources and part of my consideration in your grade will be how well you chose those resources. For internet materials you will need to give author (if known), page title and exact location so that I can go directly to the page if necessary. At this point in the development of the web the vast majority of internet sources are NOT sufficient quality for an academic paper. Note that, although I applaud the concept of Wikipedia, it is NOT an acceptable source for your paper. Also, using all internet sources would NOT be acceptable for a college level paper. I DO recommend the electronic databases available through the library website as an extremely valuable resource for accessing academic journals in Religious Studies and other humanities fields. They are usually excellent resources for your paper. Some journals which are especially useful for papers in this course are the Journal of Biblical Literature, the Journal of Near Eastern Studies, the Catholic Biblical Quarterly, Near Eastern Archaeology, and Vetus Testamentum.

The paper should be on a specific topic which compares one or more of the ancient Near Eastern texts in Matthews/Benjamin with a specific text in the Old Testament. For example, you could look at the laws and punishments for rape in the ancient Near Eastern law codes in Matthews/Benjamin and compare them to the laws regarding rape in Exodus or Deuteronomy. Or you could compare the concept of Devotingconquered people to the Gods in the Annals of Mesha in Matthews/Benjamin with the practice in Joshua of killing everyone in the cities Joshua conquered. Another example would be comparing the text, A Sufferer and a Friend in Babylonin Matthews/Benjamin with the Book of Job in the Old Testament. These are examples from texts you will read in Matthews/Benjamin. I recommend that you trying comparing a text from Matthews/Benjamin that we are NOT covering in the course.