Compare and comtrast sumerian and egyptian religions

i need 2 different essay. compare and comtrast sumerian and egyptian religion. 1 page

both essays is listed below with instructions. they are listed as essay 1 and essay 2. I only need one page each.

Be sure to use the Roberts text AND the relevant Reilly readings.

Each essay should be approximately one page.

My essay should be on the below
Essay 1: Compare and contrast Sumerian and Egyptian religions. Be sure to consider the nature and temperament of their gods, the organization of their religions (priests, temples, etc& ), the role of their religions in government, and the Sumerians and Egyptians expectations (reward and/or punishment, the afterlife, etc& ).

Essay 2: As Roberts notes, defining  civilization is no easy task. To what extent is technological development a useful measure of civilization for ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt? Use specific, historical examples to support your argument.

She would like for us to be specific
She would like for me to use examples to support the arguments or only offer vague, general statements

I have to post my paper on turn it