Compare and contrast 2 paintings-Jakson Pollock and Yunhee Toh


With your class notes, leisurely stroll through the collections, looking at artworks by artists we have discussed in class. Then, CHOOSE TWO works for a paper that will compare and contrast them. Take notes about how they look; namely, about how they express the art-historical and societal ideas we have considered in class and in your textbooks.
What pair you choose is IMPORTANT. In a way, your selection will reveal your understanding of the issues. How to choose a good pair for your paper? You should pick two artworks that have something in common, whether subject matter or visual characteristics or even materials. (for example, two portraits, or two abstract geometric sculptures, or two installations, or whatever). That way, the contrast becomes clearer. What do you contrast? STYLE. By style, I mean the movement or group a piece belongs to -Abstract Expressionism or Art Brut or Pop Art or Land Art or whatever. In other words, each of the two pieces should be in DIFFERENT styles -say, Ab Ex vs. Pop or Minimalism vs. Feminist Art, or whatever. Remember, this is NOT a research paper, but rather an attempt to evaluate two different approaches to making art based on ideas from class and readings. Remember, you should talk about stylistic differences, whether conceptual or visual or both. And you should explain how these differences reveal intellectual/political/economic themes of the society and time in which the artist worked and, in a larger sense, shed light on the nature of modernity.

Writing Your Paper
If you feel shaky about your writing skills, you can rely on the same old five-paragraph essay format that you probably learned in high school. Begin your paper with an introductory paragraph. With full sentences, it should tell the names of the artists, the titles, the dates, the countries of ORIGIN, and the styles of the two works. It should also mention all the traits of each style which you intend to explain in greater detail in the body of your paper. In the body of the paper, talk about these stylistic traits one at a time. Probably you should make each trait (or each pair of compared traits) into its own paragraph. Use words like a pointer to call attention to specific details that support your claims.
If you are confident about your writing, then feel free to write your paper as you wish; however, keep in mind that good expository writing should exemplify what I call The three Cs”: it should be clear, concise and convincing.
All of the writing MUST be your own; do NOT copy text from Hamilton, Fineberg or any other source. I can tell!
If you stick to ideas from class, your notes and your textbook , this assignment does not require footnotes or a bibliography; however, if you include ideas and phrasings from other sources, then Verily, verily, I say to you, you MUST tell from whence they come.
The paper must be between 750 and 1250 words long. Typographical and spelling errors count! You should include illustrations of your compared artworks.

My choice is the action painting (One: Number 31, 1950) by Jackson Pollock which is displayed at MoMa and abstract painting by Yunhee Toh who is Korean artist. Those 2 paintings have similar style as abstraction and conveying the unconsciousness of artists. Yunhee Toh is todayi??s contemporary artist who is affected by abstraction art. Thus pls address how Yunhee Tohi??s painting is affected by Pollocki??s action painting or what is the differences by analyzing style,color or details. I think it will be hard to find the historical background of Tohi??s artworks, thus I think it will be easy to focus how Jackson pollocki??s art or abstract-expressionism appeal to Korean art or Tohi??s work by expressing art-historical and societal ideas. Pls follow the direction above to compare two paintings and organize paper. Pls avoid Plagiarism and if you use any quotation pls do citation.

Here is the description of Tohi??s painting
GALLERY HYUNDAI is pleased to present Yun-Hee Tohi??s solo exhibition Night Blossom. Since her last solo show in 2011, the artist traveled between Seoul and Berlin and began to explore a new way of painting, which unfolds through this exhibition of selected works. Each of her new works, akin to the title Night Blossom, is a fruition of artistic distress and investigation that captures i??the colors bloom from darknessi?? and i??the world at night unveils.i??

One of the most significant distinctions from her prior works is employing the artisti??s hands to paint, abandoning her usual materials like pencils and brushes. After realizing how much time-consuming graphite drawings started to deviate from her initial spark of inspiration, Toh eschewed pencils and brushes to use her hands for more direct and accurate artistic expressions. Additionally she began to revisit and exploit colors that have been long repressed from her work. It was her perceptive approach towards her work that compelled her to capture and translate every single fine layer of her artistic impulses and desires onto the surface of the canvas.

Despite the distinctive shift in pictorial form, Tohi??s interests in i??unfamiliar fragments of lifei?? and i??the unrevealed part of the phenomenai?? have been a constant undercurrent in her oeuvre. Instead of focusing on socially and politically charged issues, Toh always has been connected to intrinsic qualities of individuals in their everyday lives; rather than a direct message on a grand narrative, her paintings are more relative to private confessions of the human existence. The new paintings by the artist are also in the similar vein of context. Though an oxymoron i?? colors and forms emerge after the light vanishes i?? they are the fragments of daily lives and the other side of the world that we equally notice. Tohi??s paintings posit indirect yet clear questions in regard to these matters.