Compare and contrast a theme in the poem Chicago by sandburg and America by McKay

Compare and contrast the theme in the poem chicago by Sandburg and America by McKay using analysis. The paper should show that you have thought about the meanings and messages of the works and cananalyze them side by side. In your paper, you should include some discussion of the context of the works when you are interpreting them.Length: 700-1100 words, double-spaced, 12 pt. Times New Romanfont, default margins.Bring in at least one relevant critical source, properly cited using
MLA. This is one source in addition to your main text (the work
itself). This should NOT be an internet website. Look in the library databases or check out books. Do not use the study guides or summary/analysis sites like SparkNotes, NovelGuide,
MonkeyNotes, or publications like Cliffas Notes. It doesnat
matter if they tell you how to cite them, theyare not acceptable for this paper. The Bible also does not count as a critical source,although you may certainly quote it in your paper. If youare not sure, consult me. I take off 10 pts. each for improper source.