Compare and contrast at least five different points of view as to why the U.S. Civil War occurred

Write a four-page composition in which you compare and contrast at least FIVE different points of view as to why the U.S. Civil War occurred. You must use and cite at least five sources (three primary and two secondary). Include a bibliography at the end of your paper. You will be graded on your ability to identify critical issues and compare and contrast them. You will also be graded on composition, spelling, punctuation, etc.

Note: Your task is to create the scoring rubric for the U.S. Civil War assignment. You do not need to include a sample essay for this task.

In constructing your rubric:

A. Create at least four editorial and mechanical aspects (e.g., punctuation, subject-verb agreement).

Note: To help you identify appropriate editorial and mechanical aspects, you might refer to the MLA and APA style guidelines Web Links below.

Note: Do not copy the aspects in the WGU scoring rubrics. Do not use a minimum page requirement as a rubric aspect.

B. Create at least four content-related aspects (e.g., five different points of view, comparing critical issues).

Note: Notice that the simulated assignment paragraph outlines what is expected in the students essays. One of the basic rules of rubric development is scoring what you ask students to do. If it is important enough to include in the assignment, it is important enough to score.

C. Define the criteria for each of the eight aspects created in A and B by using four levels of performance. Write a sentence for each level which aligns to the prompt and defines each level in the continuum.

D. Fill in the rubric template and save your rubric in rich text format (*.rtf) with the filename: [Your First and Last Name] 601.1.4-04 Essay Scoring Rubric (e.g., John Doe 601.1.4-04 Essay Scoring Rubric).

E. If you use sources, include all in-text citations and references in APA format.