Compare and contrast at least three areas in which culture influences elements of the communication process.

Communication Studies 210
Research Project Assignment
Research Question: Through your reading, research, and interactions with other students
both in our EdCC classrooms and in other contexts, compare and contrast at least three
areas in which culture influences elements of the communication process. 2
I want to compare Korean Culture and American Culture
Research Suggestions
One aspect of your research should be academic articles and books about the culture and
communication in the United States and your target culture. Do not use a?cultures in
contrasta? websites as part of your research. These are too general and do not explain why
these differences exist. Do not use Google or general websites for your research. Sites
such as Wikipedia or search engines such as Google are good places to start to get an
overview, however, your research should focus on academic articles (use Proquest
through our library website, for example) and texts. A minimum of three scholarly
sources, not including our textbook , is required.
The target culture should be one that is not similar to your own or similar to those of friends and relatives. That is, if your friend is from an Northeastern
United States family that has been part of United States history for several generations, it
would NOT be appropriate to focus solely on this person for an interview.
Keep in mind that the elements of diversity work in all cultures, but the contexts (frames
of interaction) might differ.
Analysis Format
Writing your essay: 4
Your concept paragraphs should demonstrate your knowledge of the course concepts.
You should use the CREE format for this. That is, make a claim that the
communication concept is demonstrated in an interaction, state a definition of the
concept or element, present the examples from your observations and support
from your research that demonstrate the concept, and, finally, carefully explain
your reasoning about how the examples and research meet the definition. This
last part, the reasoning and explanation, is the most important. This is where you
demonstrate your understanding of the course material. You should do this for
each of your chosen concepts. Your explanation will use textual support from the
text, other peer-reviewed research materials, and the course lectures. Each
concept/claim may take more than one paragraph to explain carefully. Your essay
should also have a direct connection to your observations.
The use of comparison-contrast between your own cultural assumptions and
observations of communication and those of the other culture should be
Evaluation Criteria:
Your essay should examine three (3) substantive course concepts for a maximum 75%
grade. For a maximum of a 100% grade, four (4) substantive course concepts
need to be examined.
Your essay analysis will have a title which reflects its overall content.
Your essay should be organized by topics of interest and each topic should use the CREE.
Topic paragraphs can be divided into comparison and contrast. One suggestion
Is to state your concept with a definition and research support. (CR of the
CREE). This should be followed by examples (E of CREE) which demonstrate
how this concept is presented in a similar manner in two cultures followed by
your reasoning with research sources about how the examples demonstrate the
concept (Second E of CREE).
Your essay should include examples from the interactions among your classmates in
Algeria. You can also present support from our 210 classroom and your research.
Be sure to use MLA in-text format for quotations and documentation.
Your analysis will use standard American English, standard American English essay
format, appropriate American English transitions, standard American English
grammar, and standard American English spelling.
Your analysis should use the MLA in-text citation format for quotes from interactions,
text(s) and lectures with a a?work(s) citeda? page; and should spell the name of this
area of study, the name of the texts, or the names of the textas authors correctly.
Your essay will use an introduction that introduces your topic and main points, a
conclusion that summarizes your findings, and transitions between paragraphs,
In addition, I will expect:
The use of standard American English spelling and grammar.
The use of documentation both in-text and work cited page.
The use of standard font, margins, and paragraph structure. 5
Individualism-Collectivism, High Context-Low Context,
I want to compare Korean Culture and American Culture