Compare and contrast between culture in U.S and in Saudi Arabi

I would like to add more details and some example on the papres.That is the essay:

The culture of Saudi Arabia is quite different from the culture of America and this can be seen in three main areas: fashions in clothing, religious habits, and much greater variety of sub-cultures in the United States. A surprising similarity in both cultures is that people are generally very friendly and hospitable to strangers.
The first thing that a visitor from Saudi Arabia notices when arriving in the United States is that everyone wears different clothing: suits or jeans for men, and a great variety of dresses, trousers and suits for women. The full length thobe is worn by men in Saudi Arabia, along with the tagiyah and ghutra to cover the head, while women mainly wear the abaya and veil when outside the home. This shows respect for tradition. In the United States there is a greater choice available for people, and clothes are a way of expressing different kinds of personality and individuality.
Religious differences are not so obvious at first sight, but after a time it becomes obvious that there are not so many Muslim people in the United States. Christian churches have a different shape, usually with crosses and towers, while in Saudi Arabia mosques with minarets are more common. The churches also have bells rather than a call to prayer. Drinking alcohol is more common in the United States, and people are generally more informal with each other in public.
America is a very big country with many different types of terrain. There are different tribes and cultures within America, including Inuit in the north, and native Americans all across the country as well as people from Europe, India and all over the world who have settled there. Saudi Arabia has different sub-cultures too but they are fewer and not so noticeable. The country has a lot of desert and this has influenced its main cultural features.
A surprising similarity between the two countries is that both of them are very friendly and welcoming to strangers. They like to offer food and drink to visitors, and are proud to show off their culture. This lessens the differences between the two nations and helps them to understand each other better.