Compare and contrast between liberalism and conservatism

regard the coursework question. we have been given instructure by the teacher (just to make doing the coursework more easily)
firstly we have to mention liberalism main features which are
(1) classical liberalism
freedom and liberality of individuality
little state interference individuality
Adam smith/ john locke
(2)progressive liberalism
the role of the state
Lib Dems (I dont exactly what it is , I just copied from the board)
secondly: conservatism which are
(1)Traditional conservatism
authority role of law
Hierachy in society (natural order of things).

(2)One nation conservatism
-Benjemin Disraeli
-wealthy have an obligation to the poor
-After 1945(untill mid-1970s) accepted postwar consensus i.e. mixed economy and welfare state.
-Believe in capitalism,but not dogmatically so (Harlod Macmillan)
(3) liberal conservatism
-Thatcherim (elements of traditional conservatism)
-Lai zze-fair economic policies. (there may be a missing word)
Let the market get on with it.
-small government and individualism.
and in the last part (Compare and contrast)
(1)In what way are ideologies similar i.e. classical liberalism and liberal conservatism
(2) In what way are they diferent i.e. Traditional conservatism and progressive liberalism

(it should be written in an essay form) I hope i deliver the way that i want the essay to be looks like I need only 950 words with one qutation and bibliography and try to use simple english in the essay not that complex just normal.