Compare and contrast between The things they carriedand Dulce et decorum est”

* 5 paragraph essay ( introduction , body1,body2,body3 and conclusion).(compara and contrast)
*need you to compara and contrast between the things the carreby Tim OBrien and the poem Dulce et decorum estby Wilfed Owen
* compara and contrast how writers discuss attitdue to wars(status quo) in the poen and the story.
*i want this essay like (in class essay) so, i dont want QUOTES and CITATIONS but need examples from the story and the poem that support your ideas.
*the most important thing is STRONG THESIS STATEMENT in the end of the introduction paragraph WITH THREE POINTS. for example, in the poem “….and the story”….the writers uses (then you write three literary elements that used in the story and essay) to illustrate the following theme attitude to wars.
AND write topic sentence in the beginning for each body paragraph with two or three point that about each points in your thesis statement.
*conclusion (frist sentence is restating your THESIS STATEMENT)