Compare and contrast companies web sites

Many companies have web sites designed for the various countries where they do business. Apple has similar sites for most of the countries where they sell their products. Other companies like KFC have sites that differ from each other. I think it is important to look at how web site can differ depending on the country and the products they sell. Below I have listed a few sites for you to view. Evaluate the sites based on layout, symbols, color, language, content, and font.
Applea USA
Applea Thailand
KFCa Australia
Pick one international company a not listed above--and look at the US version of the site and the site from another country in South America, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, etc. Often you can find links to international sites at the bottom of the home page if they have them. If you donat want to find a big company, you can look at smaller sites that sell the same product.
Put the name of the company and the country you are viewing in the subject line. Post the working URL for both sites. Discuss the US site first and then the other site and then compare and contrast them