Compare and contrast different/amount of crimes in china before and after 1978 (the economic reform or Opening up”)

original research using primary sources in the form of newspaper articles from the New York Times, topic listed above. at least three pieces of secondary literature on the topic(books and/or articles). 9 pages double spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, 1margins, no title page and no bibliography, single spaced footnotes according to the Chicago Manual of Style, full on first use, abbreviated on subsequent uses. Must make a point of paper using the NYT as evidence, did crime style change after 1987? did stay the same?
I. introwhat is topic? your contribution?
II. the historiographywhat do others say?
III. the evidencewhat you found in the NYT, organized into clear points(5-6 pages)
IV. conclusion reassert your now proven point, suggest other avenues of investigation.