Compare and contrast essay about The Hero and the Crown by Robin Mckinley and Harry Potter and Philosophers Stone by J.K.Rowling

You have to follow the requirment on your writing. try to not use high level complex sentences.
**Write a 1000 words essay about the topic.You do not need to answer all the questions in the topic.
However, your writing have to include an introduction with clear main argument (important!!!), body paragraphs with evidence to prove the argument and a conclusion.
**This will be use as an inclass writing, so try not use words in the novel as resources. Use your own words instead

** Topic **
Compare Aerins childhood to Harry Potter. Unlike Harry, Aerin knows a lot about her heritage and grows up with her father present in her life. Does this make her better or worse off than the other character? How do their childhoods affect the heroes as they grow up and in their heroic roles?