Compare and contrast essay brave new world and 1984

For this assignment you will write a comparison of the novels 1984 and Brave New World. The purpose of the essay is to present an interpretation of the two novels that increases our understanding of both. In order to do this, you will need to present a thesis about what the novels show us when viewed side by side. Your thesis will describe a problem or question you think the texts raise, and then resolve that question/problem by analyzing the novels.

Your essay will consist of close readings of the novels, drawn from specific details from the texts and used to support your thesis. You will list your sources on a separate Works Cited page and use MLA style throughout the essay to cite the text. While you are only required to use and cite 1984 and Brave New World for this assignment, you can consider working in secondary critical sources on the novels as part of your essay. For example, several of the books listed in the Selected Biography and Criticism page of 1984 (339) are available in Haselwood Library. If you are looking for ideas, the library is a great place to find them. Do not use random websites, Wikipedia, or study sites like Sparknotes as sources for your paper. None of them are reliable or of high enough quality.

Use the handouts from our class sessions to help you identify the parts of the novels you want to discuss, think about the connections between them, describe the overall topic, and through this process articulate the critical issue you see in both texts. Remember that finding a focus is the key for a cohesive critical essay. Your topic could be the role of family relationships, the use of chemistry to shield individuals from reality, or pain vs. pleasure as motivation, but not all three. There is no advantage to trying to cram in too many ideas. Success on your essay depends on the quality, not quantity, of your ideas.