Compare and contrast essay (Goyas third of May, 1808) and (Velazquezs Surrender at Breada)

I have to write the compare and contrast essay for the art history class. my topic is the painting from (Goyas third of May, 1808) and (Velazquezs Surrender at Breada); if you cannot find picture of painting, i will send it to you. let me know

please be sure to write a strong thesis statement, and wrtie about my opinion rather than research. also it would be great if you use art vocabuluary.

ORGANIZATION  Structure your essay so that it covers the following elements:

Introduction including a thesis statement. This is the main point of your essay and tells your reader what you are going to cover in the essay.
Cultural context of both artworks/ period style (politics, society, religion, etc.)
Stylistic characteristics of both artworks/ period style. When discussing culture and style your essay should address how the cultural context informs the stylistic characteristics of that period. You should also incorporate art historical vocabulary from the modules when discussing stylistic characteristics.
Subject matter of both artworks. (story/narrative, what s going on in the artwork?)
Function and possible meaning (symbolism/ iconography) of both artworks
Similarities, differences between the two. What makes this a good comparison?
Conclusion should recap thesis, include important conclusions or insights about the artwork and the artist or culture who produced it and discuss why you chose to write about the artwork.
Documentation of sources bibliography, footnotes, endnotes, etc.


Analysis of stylistic characteristics and cultural context 40%
Analysis of similarities and differences, subject matter, meaning and function to reach important conclusions or insights 40%
Writing mechanics / Research and documentation 15%
Relevance to student s own aesthetic perception 5%

total 100%