Compare and contrast essay point by point about the differences between bobby flay and rachel ray

my outline for the essay;


Thesis statement Bobby Flay and Rachael Ray have some similarities. Although they have a lot of differences too.
Point #1 Education______________________________________
Point #2 Before Fame_______________________________________
Point #3 Wealth_______________________________

A and Subject B

Subject A a Point #1 Education_______________________________________
Supporting detail Bobby Flay is more educated about cooking
Example He studied at French Culinary Institute to improve his cooking skill.

Subject B a Point #1 Education___________________________
Supporting detail Rachael Ray started to cooking entrepreneur with her own knowledge
Example She surrounded by family in the restaurant business. She didnat go to a cooking school, she improve her career with her networks.

Subject A a Point #2 Before Fame
Supporting detail His father did not support him to become a chef
Example He asked for an Easy-Bake Oven when he was a child, but his father gave him a G.I. Joe figurine instead, telling the young Bobby Flay that cooking was not a masculine pursuit. _________________________________

Subject B a Point #2 Before Fame
Supporting detail She did different jobs before became an entrepreneur
Example She worked at the candy counter in New York Citys Macys, and later managed a pub at a hotel called The Sagamore.

Subject A a Point #3 Wealth
Supporting detail Bobby Flay has less money.
Example Even though they both successful Booby Flay has less money than Rachael. His net worth is 6 million dollar.

Subject B a Point #3 Wealth_____________________________
Supporting detail Rachael Ray has an empire in cooking entrepreneur.
Example She is very successful in her job. One way to understand that she achieved her goals is het net worth. She has 60 million dollar.

Summary of main points There job is same. Although their background and their way to influence their audiences are different. Also they have difference in wealth and education to.

Restatement of thesis statement
Bobby Flay and Rachel Ray have some differences. Although if someone watch their show, they can see that they have similarities too. As a successful woman in entrepreneursip, Rachel Ray proved that network is as important as education._