Compare and contrast how do TV ads and Google Ads target customers, and whats their own advantages and disadvantages in that.

In this paper, you need do case study about TV ads and Google Ads. And think about those two questions: 1. What kind of production is suitable for using TV ads or Goole Ads, and why? 2. Why is this paper helpful for advertiser to make decision about which one to choose for advertising? Besides if you need search the recourses you can use my account which username is cou019, password is Lee11577 to Bangor Universityas online library in the UK.
The research proposal outline
1. Title&keywords. It should indicates up to 5 words or phrases to describe the main variables, the type of research tasks the theoretical basis and purpose of the study.
2. Introduction and background. A brief introduction to the proposal summarising what follows, but also engaging the reader. Establish the general area of interest, describe the context you are working in and indicate the scope of the research. Explain your interest in the topic and why you believe you can complete it successfully. This section also include a statement of the problem.
3. Aims & objectives. Describe what you hope to achieve with your project. You may have a primary aim and one or two smaller ones that needs to be achieved in order to succeed in the primary aim. Do not confuse aims with golas.( approx. 700 words).
4. Background & context. This is the result of your initial literature review of the topic. This section should demonstrate that you are aware of the major theories that are involved and any significant literature that surrounds it. It also show that you understand the domain which you are studying. ( approx. 1000 words).
5. Methodology. In this section you should explain which methodology you will use, and how will you carry out this research, and why have you chosen this method? It might help to think of method and methodology as two separate items that need to be included. You need to make clear what you plan to do and the reasons why it is a good way to achieve your aims. ( approx. 700 words).
6. Possible outcomes. You can be clear of the nature and scope of those outcomes. You should also indicate the potential value of the outcomes; who might benefit from the results. These outcomes should directly relate to the aims of the project. In this section, you should include a proposed outline for the dissertation. List the section headings and a brief description of what will be included in that section. ( approx. 300 words).
7. Schedule. You should outline a plan for the project that begins over the summer and concludes with submission at the end of April 2015. The timetable should include activities targeted at goals, and should includes dates for deliverables such as chapters or data collections.( approx.300 words).
8. Bibliography. The bibliography should include the sources you expect to make use of, including key texts, journals and databases. It should demonstrate the scope of your proposed background reading.
9. Ethical considerations.
10. Reference list. The latter includes only the sources cited in your text. (not include in word count).